Lily and the Magic Suitcase: Alien Slime Book 1

Best friends Lily and Jessie have lived side by side their whole lives. Nothing much to see here. Except, when Lily’s grandfather gives her a magic suitcase their entire world gets turned upside down in an exciting new way. Now, with the magic suitcase the girls realize their wildest dreams can come true! Be it chasing aliens through time warps, traveling backwards to another time and place, or uncovering mysteries in long forgotten cities. Lily and Jessie learn so much about themselves and what their friendship is capable of. Soon Lily finds out the magic suitcase comes with a very doomy warning even magic cannot make disappear. Will she keep the suitcase for her own taking a chance and risking the unknown for a little fun? Or will she return the suitcase to where it belongs narrowly escaping the danger this new treasure certainly will bring?